General Service

from Jennifer B, Area 06 Panel 71 Delegate, April 9, 2021

Hi trusted servants!  

Please forgive me for sending a form email to all of you, but I wanted to be sure to acknowledge receipt of your web form submission(s). Some of you I have already chatted with, some of you submitted for more than one group (but will hopefully only get this message once), and some of you may have been wondering if it went through at all. (It did! Lots of them! So cool!)  I am spending the next few days reviewing all the responses, along with individual emails and the notes from the assembly.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the depth and breadth of your sharing. Please thank your group members for their participation and let them know that their thoughts and love for A.A. will be carried with me to the General Service Conference.

In love and service,

this page will have links for information and to support our group conscience

we will have at least two agenda topic workshops

currently planned dates are:

saturday march 20, 230-4pm

tuesday march 23, 7-830pm

for agenda topic summaries from the district, please email.

an aa approved/created video on why the question of big book changes is active can be found here