Myths …

We have heard, “Someone said you need an invitation to come to the El Cerrito Courage to Change Fellowship.”

Everyone is welcome at the physical address at 6922 Stockton Avenue!
(There is a closed private facebook group, and to join you have to be invited.  This  is because when new people join this secret group they will be able to see members already in the group. To respect anonymity, the group, its members, and posts are only viewable to people in the group.  To protect anonymity you have to confirm this is okay with you. If you want to be invited, please do email us at and we’ll get you hooked up.)


We have heard, ” the El Cerrito Courage to Change Fellowship is for atheists only.”

NOTHING could be further from the truth.  There is no restriction to attending meetings at ECC2C.  We are open to as wide a range of beliefs there is.  We firmly believe in the third tradition when it comes to the AA meetings at the fellowship, and other twelve step meetings hold similar traditions. Anyone may choose to believe in (or not) in a higher power as they understand it, and no one will force a member to believe in a specific concept…other than the concept that one no longer has to continue to behave or indulge in that which they are attempting to abstain from. We are inclusive of many beliefs, and do not restrict or encourage any particular idea of a higher power.