secretary meeting materials

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Whilst we shelter in place… we will have Zoom meetings.
All of them can be found at
Materials for our meetings:

ECC2C Suggested Gimme Shelter Meeting Format
AA preamble
big book chapt 5
7th tradition
more about alcoholism
Responsibility Stmt

the aa group

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ZOOM MEETING security options:

  1. The secretary opens the meeting 15 minutes early and requests a gatekeeper (host) or two depending on the size of the meeting. If this can be a rotational position that might be helpful.
  2. Gatekeeper mutes participants upon entry.
  3. Enable waiting room.
  4. Lock meeting as needed.
  5. Gatekeeper removes disruptive member from meeting.
  6. Secretary or Chair may unmute participants for sharing.
  7. Allow a little time at the end of the meetings for members to chat, support newcomers, etc.
  8. Secretary makes sure the room is cleared and ends the meeting.


New York Intergroup has the attached GREAT overview of suggested zoom practices with pictures: